Harm’s Way: dropping soon on Kindle Vella

Logan Hayes is a down-on-his-luck private detective hired by the family of a murdered man to obtain answers that the local authorities have thus far failed to provide. During the course of his investigation, long-buried secrets are uncovered that will take him places he’s only visited in nightmares.

When I first heard about Kindle Vella, Amazon’s new serialized fiction platform, I hit the ground running—It’s my kind of shit, honestly. Bite-sized pieces of fiction for people with short attention spans.

I wrote Harm’s Way about a year ago, and while it was written as a novel, it was designed to be serialized, should the opportunity ever present itself. Well, here’s the opportunity, so I’m pulling this out of my back pocket and putting it out there. The individual who proofread it as I wrote it, one “episode” at a time, loved it and I think others will, too. It’s a fast-paced, slow-burn thriller. How does that work? Read it and find out. When will you be able to do so? Your guess is as good as mine.

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