Designing new Effugium trilogy covers

With the release of the final book of the Kryuss trilogy drawing near, I decided I wanted a cohesive look for all three covers. Originally, I’d wanted a very basic, vintage aesthetic for Effugium, so I made these:

I couldn’t quite get it how I wanted it, though, and the drab color palette didn’t really work for me. It just didn’t pop.

I wound up making and using this, which I find serviceable but boring.

I’ve been annoyed by the original covers for quite some time, so today I drew these with pencil and charcoal and then colored them digitally. Gives the whole thing better stylistic continuity, I think. I’m happy with the results.

I thought about including some clocks/hourglasses and skulls lying on either side, but it only seemed to add clutter and ruin the flow. So, this is it. Also I’m not sure which version to go with:

I feel good about my written words being represented by something I created with my own hand and a charcoal pencil. Makes it more personal, a purer expression of the book’s intent.

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