Female heroes: What’s your sudden problem with them?

I just watched Terminator: Dark Fate, which like most post-T2 films, I found entertaining. I started thinking, though, Wow, Linda Hamilton is so badass. And then I realized that if Terminator 2 had come out today, people would’ve called it “woke.” It’s like a knee-jerk reaction people have without even thinking about it. Here, I’ve made a couple memes that’ll illustrate my point:

So, see, the problem is partially that you’re just old and looking for things to hate on because they aren’t exactly like the shows, movies and comics you grew up with… which featured a lot of badass women. Are you just blind to that? Why are they exceptions for you? It’s like you’re reacting this way just because other people are. Who’s the real NPC?

Many of the above examples are from newly retooled franchises that were already established. You liked those. Get your head out of your ass.

Supergirl stopping an oncoming car with her vagina

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