The new “cancel culture“

I’ve noticed a trend: A ton of major entertainment events were scheduled at the very beginning of the Delta surge, a time when the predominant narrative was that it was more dangerous than ever to go places and enjoy life. Weeks later, they started cancelling them.

Sure, makes sense. They didn’t know. This stuff had been in the works for months, most likely. I’ll certainly buy that Covid is spreading much more successfully now than it was this time last year when no events were taking place. I know dozens of people with it right now. Most of them are fine. One’s in a medically induced coma.

The thing is, shows are being scheduled in the midst of all this Delta hype, with the same schedule/cancel cycle. No new info has been produced. Nothing they knew when they scheduled the shows has changed. So why schedule them?

For the social media accolades, of course:

Anything high-profile that’s been recently scheduled and cancelled earns a spot on the coveted TRENDING list on Twitter. If proclamations of concern for safety are made, they are rewarded with praise identical to that seen in the above pics.

I’m not saying Patton Oswalt did this on purpose, but if he did, I can’t hate on it. It’s a brilliant way for an artist relying on live performances for their livelihood to survive in this bungled clusterfuck of a situation. It’s great PR. Hats off.

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