Some Short Stories

These will be perpetually updated

The Only Sky (Science Fiction)

Their budget slashed and their mission cancelled, a group of researchers stationed on Mars is recalled back to Earth.

Delicacies (Science fiction/humor)

The wealthy patron of an alien restaurant craves something that’s not on the menu.

A Little Less Conversation (Black Humor)

Ever wonder what it’s like living with a king who behaves like a child?

The Scoop (Science Fiction/Fantasy)

A 1960s newspaper reporter travels forward through time and arrives in a world he finds barely recognizable.

Other (fantasy)

A young boy gets his money’s worth at the mall, but almost gets eaten by a dinosaur.

Death Mines of Mars (retro science fiction)

A cautionary tale set in the distant future year of 1974!

Blood Moon (Science Fiction/Horror)

Hungry moonbase personnel eagerly await their next food shipment.

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