Images from a more innocent time

When my dad died earlier this year and I began going through his things, I found box after box of pics from his time in the Air Force during the Vietnam war. I was particularly intrigued to see fire training pics from (now closed) Chanute AFB in Illinois. He loved firefighting, and I wish he’d been able to do that during his entire military career, … Continue reading Images from a more innocent time

Darth Vader from the Planet Vulcan’s brain-melting guitar solo

In Back to the Future, Marty Mcfly terrorizes his dad with a tape of Eddie Van Halen making a bunch of crazy noise. The piece was taken from the score of a 1984 film called “The Wild Life,” which featured a score composed and performed by Eddie. It’s interesting to note that Both Lea Thompson and Eric Stoltz were later cast in BTTF, the latter … Continue reading Darth Vader from the Planet Vulcan’s brain-melting guitar solo

Van Halen influences my writing.

The music of Van Halen is streamlined and precise, yet sloppy and a little rough around the edges. At its best, it rocks harder than most anything else, and yet it’s poppy, accessible, and so catchy I’ll still be air guitaring to it in 40 years. In other words, they discovered that “sweet spot” formula to rock superstardom. It’s the same one that was utilized … Continue reading Van Halen influences my writing.

Blood Moon

A selection from Grave Concerns. Lieutenant Colson crouched against the wall and shoved off, propelling himself down the corridor towards the rec room. He glided in through the open door, breaking his momentum by grabbing onto the back of the chair where lieutenant-commander Alvarez sat watching sixty year-old reruns of The Big Bang Theory on the antique 16K television he’d brought with him from Earth … Continue reading Blood Moon

Robot ramblings

If there’s one thing the vast majority of metalheads share a common distrust for, besides authority, it’s technology. Warnings against human integration with machines are so common in metal that I often don’t notice them. This morning, though, while listening to Black Sabbath’s Computer God, from their 1992 masterpiece Dehumanizer, the lyrics were so relevant to what’s going on now that I was taken aback. … Continue reading Robot ramblings