Exitium has arrived.

I’ve been into science fiction since I was a kid, but more often than not I find myself wishing it was a little less stuffy and pretentious, and a little more human and real. I’m far less interested in the nuts and bolts of sci-fi than I am the idea of everyday people reacting to and adapting to extraordinary circumstances. Douglas Adams made science fiction … Continue reading Exitium has arrived.

Truly Bizarre vintage print ads for video games

Pretty much every comic book I read throughout the ‘80s and 90s had a video game ad on the back cover. Usually it was one of these: Some of them were really awesome. Sometimes, though, they got really weird. First off, there was a whole “video games are better than sex” trend going on. And of course, just sex used without the implication that video … Continue reading Truly Bizarre vintage print ads for video games

The ancient internet

Sometimes I get nostalgic for the early days of the internet, when just the very act of reading or looking at something someone to the web seemed truly amazing to me. The following is a collection of either archived or still active vintage websites. Heaven’s Gate Yes, the Heaven’s Gate website still remains active, maintained by two members who “stayed behind” when the rest “departed … Continue reading The ancient internet

Designing new Effugium trilogy covers

With the release of the final book of the Kryuss trilogy drawing near, I decided I wanted a cohesive look for all three covers. Originally, I’d wanted a very basic, vintage aesthetic for Effugium, so I made these: I couldn’t quite get it how I wanted it, though, and the drab color palette didn’t really work for me. It just didn’t pop. I wound up … Continue reading Designing new Effugium trilogy covers

Whatever happened to Ronald McDonald?

If you hadn’t noticed, Ronald McDonald was discontinued in 2016, apparently due to the viral “Clown in the woods” news story. Well, I for one hadn’t noticed. I had no idea. 🤷🏻‍♂️ When I was about 19, sometime in the late ‘90s, Ronald arrived unannounced at the McDonald’s I was employed at. He waltzed back into the grill area like he owned the place and … Continue reading Whatever happened to Ronald McDonald?


Originally posted on Effugium:
This is a work in progress. It’s as much for my use as potential readers. As the Effugium universe becomes more expansive and complex, it’s becoming more and more of a nuisance to scroll back through previous books looking for the names of vegetables or brief mentions of historical events and characters. I thought it would be fun to add illustrations… Continue reading GLOSSARY

Effugia: the Black Fortress

These doodles I’ve been doing will become part of a continuously updated online glossary of terms pertaining to the Effugium books. I sketched these in pencil and colored them digitally. The Black Fortress is home to the evil warlord Latro, Proeliator of the Galenian colony world of Bellum. Sitting atop Bellum’s highest mountain, it’s an ever-looming symbol of oppression for some, but an awe-inspiring monument … Continue reading Effugia: the Black Fortress