Pay up, Disney !

I’ve recently been made aware that Disney is not paying Alan Dean Foster royalties for the still-in-print Star Wars novels he wrote prior to said company’s purchase of said franchise. You can read all about it right here. If you purport to be a “big fan” of Star Wars and don’t know who ADF is, stop embarrassing yourself and go familiarize yourself with his work. … Continue reading Pay up, Disney !

That Ol’ Devil’s Work

Originally appeared in the anthology Static Dreams vol 2, still available in paperback and ebook formats. Walmart(paperback) Nook Kindle Paperback I never asked Pa why we fed the fields. It was just what we’d always done, as far back as I could remember. “Cotton won’t grow without it,” was all he’d tell us, my sister and I, and our father wasn’t the sort of father … Continue reading That Ol’ Devil’s Work

2+2 IS five!

We can no longer afford to make space for people who insist upon rigidly adhering to our outmoded and problematic system of mathematics. Speaking as a proud member of the dyscalculia community, the harm inflicted upon me by privileged bigots who keep insisting that 2+2=4 is…well, incalculable! I frequently need to break from Twitter for self-care because of all the anti-dysc violence on there. They … Continue reading 2+2 IS five!

EXITIUM update: Proeliator Latro

Proeliator Latro is the ruler of Bellum, one of the nine Galenian colony worlds. And he’s a really, really, really bad guy. Oh, sure, he seems innocuous enough in chapter one, perhaps even a bit pompous and stuffy. That’s his diplomatic persona, though. His true colors are shown when he pops back up in chapter 15, in which he beats a slave to death out … Continue reading EXITIUM update: Proeliator Latro

Disaster Double Feature

This morning I finally watched a movie I’ve had in my Amazon Prime queue forever: The Cassandra Crossing. I love a good ’70s all-star disaster movie, and this was a solid entry in said genre. In a nutshell, it’s about a virus loosed on a train, and the government’s unethical attempts to contain it. Amazing cinematography, and it stars Sophia Loren, Ernest Borgnine, OJ Simpson, … Continue reading Disaster Double Feature


I wrote The Act of Laughing over ten years ago. It was the first book I ever attempted to write, and it reads like a Bentley Little or John Saul novel, basically. It’s about a modern-day Ba’al-worshipping cult that also functions as a homeowners association. It’s led by a former archaeologist named Donald Raines, who discovered this ancient, secret religion on one of his excursions … Continue reading THE ACT OF LAUGHING and GRAVE CONCERNS both free on BLACK FRIDAY