It took all of five minutes…

Every once in awhile I’ll check out one of the thousands of outrageously stupid right-wing links that are shared and believed without question by friends or family daily on social media. It should be funny, but it isn’t. It’s batshit insane, is what it is. And sad, and frustrating. People are so entrenched in this brainwashed mindset that they’ll believe anything that confirms their own … Continue reading It took all of five minutes…

I’m always gonna be f***ed in the head.

I’m 41, and I’ve been fucked in the head for as long as I can remember. At this point, I have no delusions that shit is ever going to be “okay.” I am the product of a fourteen-year-old foster child getting pregnant by another foster child of undetermined(by me, anyway)age. I’d already known this by the time I tracked down my biological mother and several … Continue reading I’m always gonna be f***ed in the head.


Can the constantly firing synapses and resulting emotional turmoil of OCD be of any practical use to those of us afflicted by this insidious disorder? I can remember exhibiting signs of OCD by the time I was five. I’ve always had a scarily good memory. I can lie. I can manipulate the shit out of people if I want to. I can draw information out … Continue reading TAP INTO THE POWER

Meds: the side effect trade off

You’ve all seen the pharmaceutical commercials in which the narrator quietly rushes through a list of horrible side effects like a more soft-spoken version of the micro machines guy. It’s become comedic fodder for legions of stand-up acts because of the absurd disparity between positive and negative effects. “This’ll get rid of your toenail fungus, but it might cause anal leakage and/or death.” Well, I’ve … Continue reading Meds: the side effect trade off