Hole Goats

Plumber comes out of the bathroom, toolbox in hand. “Well?” “You’re all set,” says the plumber. “Now that you’ll be feeding the big guy again, I don’t ‘spect he should give you any more problems.” “Feeding? Feeding who?” Plumber narrows his eyes. “You don’t know? Know what? Plumber sighs. “Some of these old places out here, they were built back before the current sewer system … Continue reading Hole Goats


Long before the Holst-inspired opening riff of “Black Sabbath” erupted forth from Tony Iommi’s Gibson SG, there was METAL. Long before Vikings raided and conquered foreign lands, there was METAL. Before giant reptiles ruled the earth, there was METAL. METAL is a powerful force emanating from the center of the earth. It heaves, it cracks, it boils, it explodes. It does this constantly. It’s beautiful … Continue reading EVERYTHING IS METAL

Where are you, Rachael Passwater?

Don’t ask me why I have this. I didn’t remember until I found it in a box in my parents’ attic this afternoon that I did. It’s a 1987 newspaper insert from Shelbyville, Indiana, my dad’s hometown. Picture Hill Valley from Back To The Future and you’ve pretty much got the gist. I spent many a summer there as a kid, back when small towns … Continue reading Where are you, Rachael Passwater?