Truly Bizarre vintage print ads for video games

Pretty much every comic book I read throughout the ‘80s and 90s had a video game ad on the back cover. Usually it was one of these: Some of them were really awesome. Sometimes, though, they got really weird. First off, there was a whole “video games are better than sex” trend going on. And of course, just sex used without the implication that video … Continue reading Truly Bizarre vintage print ads for video games

“The Highwaymen”

I’m extremely jaded about movies right now. Until last night, it’d been awhile since I’d seen one that truly impressed me. “The Highwaymen,” a Netflix original film, is the best new movie I’ve seen in at least ten years. The pacing, the dialogue, the acting and the cinematography are all on point. I love a good period film, and this one really did it for … Continue reading “The Highwaymen”

The summer of 1989

After binge-watching Cobra Kai, I found myself in the mood to watch the original Karate Kid film. I scratched that itch, and wasn’t disappointed. I mean, it’s a classic for a reason. Everyone loves a good underdog story. The film more than holds up. Anyway, being a nostalgic person, I found myself taking a stroll down movie memory lane, which led me to the summer … Continue reading The summer of 1989