Can the constantly firing synapses and resulting emotional turmoil of OCD be of any practical use to those of us afflicted by this insidious disorder? I can remember exhibiting signs of OCD by the time I was five. I’ve always had a scarily good memory. I can lie. I can manipulate the shit out of people if I want to. I can draw information out … Continue reading TAP INTO THE POWER

Meds: the side effect trade off

You’ve all seen the pharmaceutical commercials in which the narrator quietly rushes through a list of horrible side effects like a more soft-spoken version of the micro machines guy. It’s become comedic fodder for legions of stand-up acts because of the absurd disparity between positive and negative effects. “This’ll get rid of your toenail fungus, but it might cause anal leakage and/or death.” Well, I’ve … Continue reading Meds: the side effect trade off