A Murder

“Look at this,” said Owen, pointing at his feet. “Same welcome mat, all these years later.” He chuckled and shook his head, a shooting star of a lopsided grin flickering across his face for a brief moment before vanishing back into darkness. “Are you seeing what I’m pointing at? Did you even look?” Liz’s eyeballs popped up above the frames of her obnoxiously big sunglasses … Continue reading A Murder

Punk rock chapters

When it comes to reading novels, or any books containing chapters, I prefer that those chapters be short. I’ve quit reading books because the chapters were long on words, but low on substance. Give me those punk chapters. I almost want to hear the writer shouting “1 2 3 4!” like Tommy Ramone at the beginning of each one. Concise and concentrated bursts that say … Continue reading Punk rock chapters