The new “cancel culture“

I’ve noticed a trend: A ton of major entertainment events were scheduled at the very beginning of the Delta surge, a time when the predominant narrative was that it was more dangerous than ever to go places and enjoy life. Weeks later, they started cancelling them. Sure, makes sense. They didn’t know. This stuff had been in the works for months, most likely. I’ll certainly … Continue reading The new “cancel culture“


I’m eighteen chapters deep into book IV of the Effugium series. It’s called Exordium. It takes place several hundred years after the events of Exitium, the third book of the Kryuss Trilogy, and the third book of the Effugium series as a whole. Exordium is set on the Galenian colony world of Baltu, which is occupied entirely by fanatical religious extremists. Followers of the Consilium, … Continue reading Exordium

Cruel World

They say kids are cruel, and it’s true. So are adults, though—they’ve simply learned how to compartmentalize their sadistic tendencies. A child will be indiscriminately cruel while a seemingly “nice” adult will reserve his or her cruelty for those they’ve decided are beneath them. They justify it by convincing themselves that the victims of their sadism are deserving of it. The nicest person you know, … Continue reading Cruel World

Soundtrack to the Apocalypse

Ever since the pandemic began, I’ve been compiling an extreme metal Spotify playlist comprised of songs about disease, plagues, mass death, etc. Thrash, death, black, grind, doom—all of these sub-genres are represented. Instead of worrying about all the shit going on now, sometimes I just have to stop giving a fuck and joyfully bang my head to the sickness and brutality of life. Continue reading Soundtrack to the Apocalypse

Female heroes: What’s your sudden problem with them?

I just watched Terminator: Dark Fate, which like most post-T2 films, I found entertaining. I started thinking, though, Wow, Linda Hamilton is so badass. And then I realized that if Terminator 2 had come out today, people would’ve called it “woke.” It’s like a knee-jerk reaction people have without even thinking about it. Here, I’ve made a couple memes that’ll illustrate my point: So, see, … Continue reading Female heroes: What’s your sudden problem with them?

My top ten movies of all time

I watch a lot of obscure, independent and old movies(‘30s and ‘40s old), stuff that nobody cares about. To me, it’s like discovering buried treasure. I’ve always been like that. Still, when it comes to choosing my absolute ten favorite movies of all time, I have the most basic ‘80s kid list ever. Each of the above had a profound impact on my life, and … Continue reading My top ten movies of all time