Death Mines of Mars

For Chuck Lancaster, Captain of the GoldStarr Mining Company rocketship Isis, dinnertime in space was a dismal prospect, at best. Oh, sure, food cubes made one’s belly feel full and provided all the necessary vitamins and nutrients a body needed for a lengthy outer space voyage, but every time he took a bite out of one, he found himself pining for the comforts of home … Continue reading Death Mines of Mars

The Scoop

A selection from Moon Garden It was approximately 6:35 PM when I rapped my knuckles against the warped and weatherbeaten door of Hendrick’s Antiques and Watch Repair on the corner of 39th Street and Farrington Avenue. The luminous reflection of the yellowish-orange sunset splashed across the sky behind me like spilt cans of paint prevented me from glancing into the main display window to see … Continue reading The Scoop


When they finally came, it was in a giant flying saucer, just like in the movies. People in bathrobes stepped out of their front doors to collect their morning papers from their driveways and looked up to see its underside obscuring the sun–just like in the movies. The aliens themselves were your traditional garden-variety greys of B-movie and conspiracy nut fame, giving the latter a … Continue reading Signals

What should Captain Kirk do on his vacation?

Kirk looked up from his desk and saw Doctor McCoy standing in the doorway to his quarters carrying a bottle of Saurian brandy and two glasses. “Little early, isn’t it, Bones? “The hell it is,” grumbled McCoy, setting the glasses down on the desk. “Not after everything you’ve been through.” He popped the cork off the bottle of brandy and poured. “This is medicinal.” “For … Continue reading What should Captain Kirk do on his vacation?


Proeliator Latro leaned over the railing encircling the balcony outside his chambers and surveyed his kingdom. “Lovely view, isn’t it?” he asked the woman standing by his side. “Especially at night, beneath full moons.” His shimmering blue cloak fluttered in the cool midnight breeze. “To one who knows only barren, desolate plains full of dry bones, it is paradise,” she replied. Amidst the wild, twisting … Continue reading Bellum

The Only Sky

A selection from Moon Garden “I don’t know, John.  Sometimes I wonder if we’re meant to be out here at all.  All these setbacks, maybe they’re nature’s way of telling us to get the hell out of here.” John Taggart raised his glass to his lips, savoring the smooth burn of properly aged Tennessee whiskey as it trickled down his throat. “Nothing like a little … Continue reading The Only Sky

A Little Less Conversation

The air inside the house was stuffy, and thick with the smell of fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches when I returned from my all-too-brief outing into town. It was always nice to get away from him, though, even if it was just to check the mail. “Hey man,” said my roommate of forty-three years, six months and two days as he walked a treadmill … Continue reading A Little Less Conversation