The Effugium Code

Potential readers of Exordium, the upcoming fourth book in the Effugium series, need not have read the first three in order to enjoy it. The book works just fine as a stand-alone action/adventure sci-fi story. In the context of the previous volumes, however, it’s an altogether different reading experience. Yeah, you’ll understand references you wouldn’t get if you hadn’t read Effugium, Exsilium, Exitium, and the … Continue reading The Effugium Code

Harm’s Way: Available Now

In 1978, the U.S. Federal Government facilitated the buyout of a dusty old Oklahoma town called Groundswell by Prismaro Industries. Most of Groundswell’s dwindling population readily accepted the generous offers made on their homes and moved to nearby Axton, leaving all of their sordid secrets buried in a town that time forgot. Someone’s been digging them up. Read now for only 99 cents, or for … Continue reading Harm’s Way: Available Now

A talk radio caller in 1989 discussed iPhones.

There was a talk radio show out of Reedsport, Oregon in the late 1980s called The Alan Stone Program. It was similar in tone and subject matter to Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, so it obviously existed to capitalize on the success of said show. Except it was better. A friend of mine in high school who’d moved to Oklahoma from Oregon had … Continue reading A talk radio caller in 1989 discussed iPhones.