Where are they now? ‘90s edition

The ‘90s were a pivotal period in American History, and some of the biggest movers and shakers of the era have since faded from public consciousness. Sometimes, though, ya have to wonder: Where are they now? Jeffrey Dahmer Former serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was released on good behavior in 2014, after promising the parole board he wouldn’t kill and eat anyone. His successful cooking/reality show … Continue reading Where are they now? ‘90s edition

The ancient internet

Sometimes I get nostalgic for the early days of the internet, when just the very act of reading or looking at something someone to the web seemed truly amazing to me. The following is a collection of either archived or still active vintage websites. Heaven’s Gate Yes, the Heaven’s Gate website still remains active, maintained by two members who “stayed behind” when the rest “departed … Continue reading The ancient internet

Five albums that shaped my musical tastes

1. Queensrÿche: Rage For Order (1986) In 1990, Queensrÿche was riding high on a wave of popularity driven by their most commercially successful album to date, “Empire.” The hauntingly beautiful lead single, “Silent Lucidity,” and its FM radio omnipresence helped launch the album and its followup singles into the stratosphere, in much the same way the “Black Album” had recently made Metallica a household name. … Continue reading Five albums that shaped my musical tastes