Back from the dead

My 2010 horror/thriller “The Act of Laughing” will soon be available once again, freshly edited and leaner and meaner than ever. Meanwhile, here’s chapter one to whet your appetite: Tunisia, 1974 “Doctor Raines?” Donald Raines, sitting cross-legged on a well-worn leather chair overlooking the runway of Tunis-Carthage International Airport looked up at the sound of his name. He tossed a week-old copy of The New … Continue reading Back from the dead

The Act of Laughing

This is chapter one of my book “The Act of Laughing,” which I wrote in 2010. The chapter also works as a stand-alone short story, I discovered, upon revisiting it. The rest of the book is in need of a good edit to bring it up to my current standards, and will remain unpublished until said edit has been completed. Rest assured, though, “The Act … Continue reading The Act of Laughing


Long before the Holst-inspired opening riff of “Black Sabbath” erupted forth from Tony Iommi’s Gibson SG, there was METAL. Long before Vikings raided and conquered foreign lands, there was METAL. Before giant reptiles ruled the earth, there was METAL. METAL is a powerful force emanating from the center of the earth. It heaves, it cracks, it boils, it explodes. It does this constantly. It’s beautiful … Continue reading EVERYTHING IS METAL