House of pain

There’s a rent house at the end of the street that’s home to a colorful rotating cast of ate-up methheads. They’re always outside, always fucking around, doing something crazy like throwing oil paintings across the yard, selling meth to random driver-uppers, throwing axes, mean-mugging all passers by… I saw this chick last week, skinny little chicken-legged bootyless bitch in booty shirts sitting in her truck … Continue reading House of pain

A Murder

“Look at this,” said Owen, pointing at his feet. “Same welcome mat, all these years later.” He chuckled and shook his head, a shooting star of a lopsided grin flickering across his face for a brief moment before vanishing back into darkness. “Are you seeing what I’m pointing at? Did you even look?” Liz’s eyeballs popped up above the frames of her obnoxiously big sunglasses … Continue reading A Murder

Joe the dog kicker

I have a strong dislike of bullying and sadism. I don’t wish to see anyone or anything suffer, and therefore I cannot understand how one would derive pleasure from being an active participant in such behaviors. The year was 1984, and I was seven years old. We’d just moved to Oklahoma from Michigan, and I’d met a new friend named Brad. Occasionally we’d spend Sunday … Continue reading Joe the dog kicker