More useless COVID-19 thoughts

Nothing motivates and mobilizes people quite like propaganda. Governments know people are tribal and that in order for any semblance of uniformity or unity to be achieved, hearts and minds must be conditioned and won over, and that those people must exert pressure on the reluctant to fall in line and then ostracize them when they fail to do so. America has been almost completely … Continue reading More useless COVID-19 thoughts

Man, I am 🦇💩🤪

I’ve been in such a hyped up manic state this past week that I feel like people can see the black storm clouds of crazy forming over my head when something sets me off. I feel simultaneously invincible and vulnerable. I feel simultaneously exuberant and depressed. I love everybody, and I fuckin’ hate everybody. I don’t take no pills that kill my will. Only plant-induced … Continue reading Man, I am 🦇💩🤪