Designing new Effugium trilogy covers

With the release of the final book of the Kryuss trilogy drawing near, I decided I wanted a cohesive look for all three covers. Originally, I’d wanted a very basic, vintage aesthetic for Effugium, so I made these: I couldn’t quite get it how I wanted it, though, and the drab color palette didn’t really work for me. It just didn’t pop. I wound up … Continue reading Designing new Effugium trilogy covers

My escape, your escape

Effugium, which is Latin for “escape,” was the name of a space vessel constructed in the early years of the twenty-first century by eccentric tech mogul and cult leader Richard “The Prophet” Kryuss, founder of Krytech Industries. After a mysterious force announced its intent to remove all human life from Earth within ten years’ time, Kryuss funded the Effugium project with his own money, for … Continue reading My escape, your escape

Make Superman Great Again.

Every time a modern-day Superman movie fails to meet box office expectations, the excuse circulated amongst critics, both professional and amateur, usually goes a little something like this: “There just isn’t a place for Superman anymore. He doesn’t fit in to today’s world.” They make Superman increasingly dark with each film he appears in, believing this to be what audiences want, because hey, it worked … Continue reading Make Superman Great Again.

The corporate filter between the artist and the fan

Almost everything we consume is “brought to us by” some major corporation looking to hawk its product by shoving it in our faces. You want music? Movies? Your favorite tv show? A book? A funny vid someone posted online? Well, you’re going to have to go through them. It’s a necessary evil, especially in these days of people being entirely unwilling to pay for anything … Continue reading The corporate filter between the artist and the fan

Finding beauty in death on a cold winter morning.

I saw a small dead deer in the road yesterday morning at 4:30 a.m. Bathed in the ghostly white glow of the street lamps lining the overpass, its pallid, twisted form seemed lonely and surreal, almost statuesque. Blood trickled from its mouth in a thin crimson stream onto cracked, sun bleached asphalt. I passed slowly, as there were no other vehicles in sight, and I … Continue reading Finding beauty in death on a cold winter morning.

Where are you, Rachael Passwater?

Don’t ask me why I have this. I didn’t remember until I found it in a box in my parents’ attic this afternoon that I did. It’s a 1987 newspaper insert from Shelbyville, Indiana, my dad’s hometown. Picture Hill Valley from Back To The Future and you’ve pretty much got the gist. I spent many a summer there as a kid, back when small towns … Continue reading Where are you, Rachael Passwater?