Artists don’t owe you anything

I recently watched a YouTube vid in which an obnoxious metalhead rants and raves about how horrible Darkthrone’s latter day punk and nwobhm-infused records are. He seems genuinely angered by the band’s decision not to craft albums suited to his specific tastes. The thing is, artists are under no obligation to please fans. If they’re not pleasing themselves and following their respective muses, they aren’t … Continue reading Artists don’t owe you anything

What makes one a “douche?”

I might say or do something from time to time that could easily fall under the banner of douchebag behavior. But I’m aware of it. I know I’m being a douche. I’m self-aware. A true douche isn’t self-aware. He doesn’t know what he is, and he lacks the capacity for self-reflection. His identity, then, is dictated by the masculine archetypes he strives to emulate. A … Continue reading What makes one a “douche?”

Filter yourself

Witnessed some “kids” getting chastised by a new manager at work yesterday. One of them had dropped an f-bomb, and she told them “Guys, there’s a lady present. Please don’t use that type of language.” It was very quaint and old-fashioned, and these dudes of course thought this was the most outrageous thing they’d ever heard. I didn’t. I thought it was something they needed … Continue reading Filter yourself

I must’ve really hated that woman…

In the middle of my third grade year, in 1986, my teacher died. We got out of school to attend the funeral, kids were crying, yada yada yada. When I saw my young peers beside themselves with grief over this dead woman, I vividly remember feeling both perplexed and disgusted. I hated that woman, and I was glad she was dead. I enjoyed the funeral. … Continue reading I must’ve really hated that woman…

Toxic Holocaust-Conjure And Command

Holy shit, Joel Grind must’ve pulled a Robert Johnson and sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads, because the New Toxic Holocaust record is leaps and bounds ahead of anything they (Well, “he”) have previously done. I thought the last album was great, but it sounds downright shitty in comparison to this modern thrash masterpiece.  Toxic Holocaust is now an official member of … Continue reading Toxic Holocaust-Conjure And Command