A selection from Moon Garden Copyright © 2019 Patrick Walts All Rights Reserved “Humans.”  Gax wrinkled his proboscis in disgust.  “Always traipsing about the galaxy with such reckless abandon, doing as they please without repercussion.” Kanak gurgled his agreement, his antennae twitching in annoyance. “They won’t stop until they’ve polluted the entire universe,” Gax continued.  “Do you know what they call it when they colonize … Continue reading Delicacies

Relating to characters?

Occasionally, someone who has read my book The Act of Laughing will track me down on Facebook and tell me how much they related to one of the characters. It’s never the two with redeeming qualities, either. It’s always Evan. Evan is a snarky, lazy comic book artist with a massive ego and a strong sense of entitlement. He’s an atheist, and is an asshole … Continue reading Relating to characters?

Groundswell: What it is

I’ve been hammering out a short novel called Groundswell and posting the first drafts of each chapter here. Chapters 1-26 are all available to read. What’s it about? Well, the idea was sparked by a recent film noire binge coupled with an X-Files kick I’ve been on lately. Then I started thinking about how many ghost towns there are in Oklahoma, and incorporated the very … Continue reading Groundswell: What it is

EXSILIUM is almost here.

Exsilium, the followup novel to Effugium: The Time Remaining, will be released within the next two days. It’s a darker book than its predecessor, but that darkness is tempered by frequent moments of levity and a happy ending. Well, sort of. The people who die are still dead, but good does ultimately prevail over evil, and that’s what’s important. Also available: Anshar, a prequel novella … Continue reading EXSILIUM is almost here.

E-books: the safest way to read right now

You can’t go into your favorite bookstore right now while we’re teetering on the edge of a never-ending dystopian nightmare, but you want something new to read. Well, I’ll tell you what the heck to do, you silly goose! Just click on any of the following links and grab one of these bad boys to cram into whatever device you stare at all day. Happy … Continue reading E-books: the safest way to read right now

Two for Tuesday: Effugium and Anshar both free today on

It’s a weird and uncertain time and everyone’s scared. Effugium is Latin for “Escape” and that’s exactly what I’m offering you today, free of charge: an escape to space, to alien worlds, to the future, and beyond. Leave this world behind for awhile. No travel agency will book a physical trip for you at this time, so please accept this offer to join me on … Continue reading Two for Tuesday: Effugium and Anshar both free today on