The Act of Laughing Evan Barnes and his wife Audrey have just moved into their dream home, located in the exclusive gated community of Blackwell Estates. As they begin to delve deeper into the lives of their strange and somewhat eccentric neighbors, however, dark secrets are uncovered that will quickly transform their dream into an unimaginable nightmare. Grave Concerns Vampire astronauts. A court-imposed speech regulation … Continue reading TWO FREE BOOKS, TODAY ONLY

How to start your own cult and successfully maintain it

Cults are an endless source of fascination to myself and many others. I used to find it baffling that seemingly otherwise sane, intelligent people could buy into the flimsily-constructed dogma that the founders of these organizations base their ideologies upon. I don’t wonder anymore. I get it. My confusion about the issue as a child was based primarily upon the assumption that grownups were generally … Continue reading How to start your own cult and successfully maintain it

So I’m watching the R Kelly thing

I’ve always either been indifferent to or actively disliked ’90s R&B. I can appreciate catchy, well-constructed songs in the genre and understand why they become hits, but it’s not my thing. Even with my limited, peripheral knowledge of R&B, though, I knew all about R Kelly’s sexual proclivities. It was all over the place. And once it was more widely exposed it continued to be … Continue reading So I’m watching the R Kelly thing

House of pain

There’s a rent house at the end of the street that’s home to a colorful rotating cast of ate-up methheads. They’re always outside, always fucking around, doing something crazy like throwing oil paintings across the yard, selling meth to random driver-uppers, throwing axes, mean-mugging all passers by… I saw this chick last week, skinny little chicken-legged bootyless bitch in booty shirts sitting in her truck … Continue reading House of pain

We did it, y’all! Number one!

I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means, but it’s kind of funny how “they” make money from locking these poor and uneducated people up, and then upon release hit them with a bill that they’ll never be able to pay off; meanwhile, the next crop is sprouting up, receiving the worst education America has to offer, with token gestures being thrown at the problem … Continue reading We did it, y’all! Number one!