Cruel World

They say kids are cruel, and it’s true. So are adults, though—they’ve simply learned how to compartmentalize their sadistic tendencies. A child will be indiscriminately cruel while a seemingly “nice” adult will reserve his or her cruelty for those they’ve decided are beneath them. They justify it by convincing themselves that the victims of their sadism are deserving of it. The nicest person you know, … Continue reading Cruel World

Getting to know my dad(after he’s gone)

As a child, I was proud of my dad and the things he’d achieved. I had no understanding of the motivations that had led him to be what he was, nor the obstacles he’d overcome in order to bring them to fruition, but I thought it was really cool. “My dad’s a Fire Chief. That’s so cool!” Fast forward to me at about 13. We … Continue reading Getting to know my dad(after he’s gone)

Coming soon

I’m compiling and re-editing an anthology of all of my horror/dark/twisted stories. I had this idea ten years ago, and I’m finally getting around to EXECUTING it. Read that last sentence in either Vincent Price’s voice, or the Crypt Keeper’s–either works. Meanwhile, you can read some of them here before they disappear. An additional volume will feature non-dark fantasy and sci-fi fare. No title for … Continue reading Coming soon

Back from the dead

My 2010 horror/thriller “The Act of Laughing” will soon be available once again, freshly edited and leaner and meaner than ever. Meanwhile, here’s chapter one to whet your appetite: Tunisia, 1974 “Doctor Raines?” Donald Raines, sitting cross-legged on a well-worn leather chair overlooking the runway of Tunis-Carthage International Airport looked up at the sound of his name. He tossed a week-old copy of The New … Continue reading Back from the dead