I’m going to kill 2021

2019 knocked me down hard. 2020 knocked me down harder, and kicked me while I was down. Yeah, I know, it knocked everyone down and I’m not special in that regard–don’t claim to be, but this is my website, so… 2021 is a big, ugly fire-breathing dragon eyeing me from beyond the chasm of winter, waiting with baited, smoky breath to greet me when I … Continue reading I’m going to kill 2021

More useless COVID-19 thoughts

Nothing motivates and mobilizes people quite like propaganda. Governments know people are tribal and that in order for any semblance of uniformity or unity to be achieved, hearts and minds must be conditioned and won over, and that those people must exert pressure on the reluctant to fall in line and then ostracize them when they fail to do so. America has been almost completely … Continue reading More useless COVID-19 thoughts

I was in a cult.

When I was 21, I took a year off college to join up with a missionary program I’d heard about through church. I thought it seemed fun–a year of classes, and a year in the field, assisting established ministries. Figured I’d use it as an opportunity to see the world. Long story short, I get there and it’s textbook fundamentalist brainwashing. The people running the … Continue reading I was in a cult.

Breaking News

I’ve been blessed, this past week, with the kind of opportunity for mass exposure that few writers with aspirations of “making it” receive. A reporter from a major newspaper contacted me and asked if I’d like to be interviewed for an upcoming story about the problem of medical debt in America. She’d come across a blog post in which I’d ranted about the issue and … Continue reading Breaking News

A lesson in empathy, Vol. 3

Imagine that grown, creepy men have been trying to fuck you since you were ten years old. Imagine one of them did, and when you told people, no one believed you. Imagine agonizing over what to wear before you leave the house because you know you’ll be judged for whatever choice you make. Imagine that everywhere you go, leering eyeballs are glued to your body, … Continue reading A lesson in empathy, Vol. 3