2+2 IS five!

We can no longer afford to make space for people who insist upon rigidly adhering to our outmoded and problematic system of mathematics. Speaking as a proud member of the dyscalculia community, the harm inflicted upon me by privileged bigots who keep insisting that 2+2=4 is…well, incalculable! I frequently need to break from Twitter for self-care because of all the anti-dysc violence on there. They … Continue reading 2+2 IS five!

Trees of Knowledge

This story is a continuation of With New EyesandHands Of The Creators, but it’s not necessary to have read either before jumping into this one. “What happened to them? Did they make it?” I couldn’t help but smile. I’d finally netted the wandering imaginations of at least some of my little daydreamers. I’ve always loved history, and I’ve always taken great deal of satisfaction in sharing it … Continue reading Trees of Knowledge