Life lessons from Star Trek

In the Star Trek episode Day of the Dove, the crew of the Enterprise is pitted in mortal combat against the crew of a Klingon ship by a mysterious parasitic entity that feeds on hatred. The entity takes away their phasers and disrupters, providing them instead with swords, ensuring maximum negative energy. It resuscitates the dead so they can get right back up and continue … Continue reading Life lessons from Star Trek

Why Trump is going to win again

People who don’t like him are firmly convinced that he’ll never win…again. Sound familiar? People thought his initial campaign was a joke. Underestimating him was key to his victory. He may be a narcissist, and a sociopath, but he’s not stupid, and that’s where y’all fucked up. You thought he was an idiot. Nobody expected the tortoise to beat the hare, either. Now, here we … Continue reading Why Trump is going to win again