I wrote The Act of Laughing over ten years ago. It was the first book I ever attempted to write, and it reads like a Bentley Little or John Saul novel, basically. It’s about a modern-day Ba’al-worshipping cult that also functions as a homeowners association. It’s led by a former archaeologist named Donald Raines, who discovered this ancient, secret religion on one of his excursions … Continue reading THE ACT OF LAUGHING and GRAVE CONCERNS both free on BLACK FRIDAY

The future I still dream

When I was in fourth grade, way back in 1987, My family and I took a trip to Florida. While there, we visited Kennedy Space Center. We always stopped and checked out sites of historical significance while traveling, and I was absolutely thrilled to finally be visiting this one, which I’d read so much about. I was really into space. Most likely this was sparked … Continue reading The future I still dream

The Scoop

A selection from Moon Garden It was approximately 6:35 PM when I rapped my knuckles against the warped and weatherbeaten door of Hendrick’s Antiques and Watch Repair on the corner of 39th Street and Farrington Avenue. The luminous reflection of the yellowish-orange sunset splashed across the sky behind me like spilt cans of paint prevented me from glancing into the main display window to see … Continue reading The Scoop

Face to Face: An Effugium story

ONE Somewhere in California, 1993 It was one of those cool, rainy nights I’d always found so perfectly conducive to getting a lot of complex, tedious work done, and so after bidding an early but very fond farewell to the lovely young actress from Fresno with whom I’d spent the evening, I slipped into my ’92 Benz (the charcoal one) and headed to the lab. … Continue reading Face to Face: An Effugium story

A Little Less Conversation

The air inside the house was stuffy, and thick with the smell of fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches when I returned from my all-too-brief outing into town. It was always nice to get away from him, though, even if it was just to check the mail. “Hey man,” said my roommate of forty-three years, six months and two days as he walked a treadmill … Continue reading A Little Less Conversation

Relating to characters?

Occasionally, someone who has read my book The Act of Laughing will track me down on Facebook and tell me how much they related to one of the characters. It’s never the two with redeeming qualities, either. It’s always Evan. Evan is a snarky, lazy comic book artist with a massive ego and a strong sense of entitlement. He’s an atheist, and is an asshole … Continue reading Relating to characters?

Groundswell: Chapter Twenty-eight

To read chapters 1-27, go here and follow the link provided. Shonda came home to an open front door and a ransacked living room. The rest of the house was in shambles as well, and her phone, of course, was missing, as were her laptop and iPad. She rummaged through her bedroom closet until she found a Rand McNally Road Atlas from 2003 and breathed … Continue reading Groundswell: Chapter Twenty-eight

Community Spread

Henry Clark liked reading the announcements to the congregation every Sunday morning. It almost made him feel like a reporter, keeping folks informed of all the goings on in Rusty Creek. Not that much of anything ever happened in Rusty Creek, but when it did, he made sure everyone knew about it. Henry was also the coordinator of the visitation committee, and as such it was his … Continue reading Community Spread

Groundswell: What it is

I’ve been hammering out a short novel called Groundswell and posting the first drafts of each chapter here. Chapters 1-26 are all available to read. What’s it about? Well, the idea was sparked by a recent film noire binge coupled with an X-Files kick I’ve been on lately. Then I started thinking about how many ghost towns there are in Oklahoma, and incorporated the very … Continue reading Groundswell: What it is