EFFUGIUM now available for purchase

Eccentric tech mogul and cult leader Richard Kryuss has developed a system of storing and transmitting data organically, connected by trees containing within their DNA the entirety of recorded human knowledge. Could his Terrestrially Regenerative Enhanced Extranet, or T.R.E.E., be a boon to mankind, or will it spell doom for the human race? Spanning over 200,000 years of post-Earth human history, Effugium repeatedly defies the … Continue reading EFFUGIUM now available for purchase

Snapshot: Five hours to go

She can barely stand it some days: The yelling, the squealing, the running, the bumping, the clattering… It’s bad enough at home, in the house, but in the car it becomes unbearable, at times. Relentless. Endless energy. Noise. Conflict. Questions leading to other questions leading to other questions… Don’t think she hasn’t thought about it, and hard. Every night when she lays her head on … Continue reading Snapshot: Five hours to go


“That doesn’t sound very Rightway™.” “It’s not supposed to.” “Well, you have to follow Rightway™.” Arms folded defiantly. “Who says?” Furrowed brow. “What do you mean, ‘Who says?’” Shrug. “I like to do things the right way. The right way for me.”   “That’s not Rightway™.” Frustrated sigh. “There is no one correct way for everyone to do everything. We are individuals, not machines to … Continue reading Rightway™

Some Things…

“What is it?” Kyle ran his fingertips over the rusty metal surface of the small rectangular box his brother had just gently placed on his kitchen table. Mike stared at him. “Don’t you remember?” “Should I?” “I guess you probably weren’t old enough.” Kyle’s hand moved towards the dirt-encrusted latch on the front of the box, but Mike brushed it aside. “Not yet.” “Come on. … Continue reading Some Things…