The Act of Laughing Evan Barnes and his wife Audrey have just moved into their dream home, located in the exclusive gated community of Blackwell Estates. As they begin to delve deeper into the lives of their strange and somewhat eccentric neighbors, however, dark secrets are uncovered that will quickly transform their dream into an unimaginable nightmare. Grave Concerns Vampire astronauts. A court-imposed speech regulation … Continue reading TWO FREE BOOKS, TODAY ONLY

Five underrated horror gems you might have missed

I could attempt to list my top ten(Couldn’t keep it to just five…couldn’t.)horror movies of all time, but that’d be me telling you what I think about a bunch of movies you already know all about. You’re already intimately familiar with Freddy, Norman Bates, Dracula, Damien and the rest of those guys. There’s really nothing left to say about them, at this point. Yawn, right? … Continue reading Five underrated horror gems you might have missed

Some of my favorite horror movies

Psycho: Not much that I can say that hasn’t already been said. Horror Hotel: Now this is a truly scary film.  The atmosphere is just perfect.  Thick fog rolling through an old cemetery at night, dank, cobweb-covered cellars, sinister-looking witches in black robes sacrificing virgins, a creepy old New England town; this one’s got it all. Halloween III: Season of the Witch: I don’t care … Continue reading Some of my favorite horror movies