Now I’m free?

1989 Tom Petty’s seemingly omnipresent hit “Free Fallin’” is the soundtrack to my summer. Every time it’s on the radio, j turn it up. Every time it’s on MTV, I stop what I’m doing and watch the video in its entirety. It’s the sound of public swimming pools, cross-country road trips and double dip cones from Baskin Robbins on hot August evenings. 1995 I purchase … Continue reading Now I’m free?

Loss of dignity with age

My dad was in the ER this morning for a severe kidney infection. I sat and watched this ex-firefighter, Vietnam veteran archetype of masculinity lie under a thin white hospital blanket, the monitor he was connected to beeping away in the background, and I marveled at how frail and helpless he looked. It made me sad. And it reminded me that I’m already experiencing the … Continue reading Loss of dignity with age