Writing for fun

There are a lot of “frustrated author” memes and jokes floating around the Internet. “Coffee! Deadlines! Rewrites! No sleep! Ahhhh!” Ask yourself this question: Do you actually enjoy writing? Is there any part of the process that doesn’t turn you into a “Cathy” cartoon? Yeah, it can be a little frustrating at times, but are you getting any joy out of it? I should have … Continue reading Writing for fun

From the sidelines

I really have had about all I can stand without letting off at least a little steam. The political stuff. All I hear, on both sides, is tired rhetoric and endless regurgitation of either left-wing or right-wing propaganda, almost all of which plays fast and loose with the actual facts. I am so fucking sick of sheep calling people sheep. I’m so fucking of snowflakes … Continue reading From the sidelines


This story takes place in the same universe as Time Remaining, With New Eyes, Hands of the Creators, and Trees of Knowledge. “I’ll never get used to these wetsuits.” Stavros stopped walking and sat down on a rock. “They’re a technological marvel,” he said. “Impervious to compromise, they say.” Iskander snorted. “Yeah. ‘They Say.’ They say a lot of things.” Stavros seized his friend by … Continue reading Reunions

There’s no way to fix this mess…

Legions of people are spreading fake news online, every day. By the millions. And they’re reading it, and they’re believing it. The crackpot territory once exclusively occupied by the likes of Timothy Mcveigh and the unabomber has moved into the mainstream and made itself at home. It’s got its dirty fucking socks up on the coffee table and it’s eating all of your totino’s pizza … Continue reading There’s no way to fix this mess…