Robot ramblings

If there’s one thing the vast majority of metalheads share a common distrust for, besides authority, it’s technology. Warnings against human integration with machines are so common in metal that I often don’t notice them. This morning, though, while listening to Black Sabbath’s Computer God, from their 1992 masterpiece Dehumanizer, the lyrics were so relevant to what’s going on now that I was taken aback. … Continue reading Robot ramblings

My escape, your escape

Effugium, which is Latin for “escape,” was the name of a space vessel constructed in the early years of the twenty-first century by eccentric tech mogul and cult leader Richard “The Prophet” Kryuss, founder of Krytech Industries. After a mysterious force announced its intent to remove all human life from Earth within ten years’ time, Kryuss funded the Effugium project with his own money, for … Continue reading My escape, your escape

Don’t blame technology for your ignorance

I hear a lot of talk about people being “disconnected” or their phones making them “stupider.” Well, if that’s true, that’s their fault. A smartphone is a tool, and it’s either as stupid or as intelligent as its operator. You can use a magnifying glass to solve a mystery, or you can burn ants with it. You can use a hammer to build a house, … Continue reading Don’t blame technology for your ignorance

Stop it already, Apple. I get the point.

I don’t want iOS 11. Not yet, anyway. My reasons for this are no one’s business but my own. Quit trying to trick me into accidentally clicking on the “update now” button of your out-of-the-blue popups that sometimes reappear the very next day after my latest deletion of said update. Have the decency to wait until I have no choice but to do so, and … Continue reading Stop it already, Apple. I get the point.