Breaking News

I’ve been blessed, this past week, with the kind of opportunity for mass exposure that few writers with aspirations of “making it” receive. A reporter from a major newspaper contacted me and asked if I’d like to be interviewed for an upcoming story about the problem of medical debt in America. She’d come across a blog post in which I’d ranted about the issue and … Continue reading Breaking News

A lesson in empathy Vol. 4

Imagine that you’re dirt poor. You don’t have shit. You feel downtrodden and disenfranchised. Nobody is speaking for you. Everyone’s out to get you. And yet they tell you that you’re “privileged” because you’re white. Nobody tells you what that phrase actually means, so you take it at face value because the only explanation you get is screeched insults from androgynous weirdos with blue hair … Continue reading A lesson in empathy Vol. 4

Were they always evil?

I watch a lot of documentaries, and I take them, as I do everything presented as “fact” with a grain of salt. I thoroughly cross-check things before committing them to belief. Failing that, it goes in the “might be true” until I know for sure. “Facts” standing on my front porch trying to sell themselves door-to-door get the “What do you want” shotgun-in-the-face greeting, from … Continue reading Were they always evil?

From the sidelines

I really have had about all I can stand without letting off at least a little steam. The political stuff. All I hear, on both sides, is tired rhetoric and endless regurgitation of either left-wing or right-wing propaganda, almost all of which plays fast and loose with the actual facts. I am so fucking sick of sheep calling people sheep. I’m so fucking of snowflakes … Continue reading From the sidelines

It took all of five minutes…

Every once in awhile I’ll check out one of the thousands of outrageously stupid right-wing links that are shared and believed without question by friends or family daily on social media. It should be funny, but it isn’t. It’s batshit insane, is what it is. And sad, and frustrating. People are so entrenched in this brainwashed mindset that they’ll believe anything that confirms their own … Continue reading It took all of five minutes…

Liberals and conservatives: why we need both

Imagine a world without stodgy old uptight republicans trying to legislate everyone’s morality based on their own perceptions of right and wrong. Sounds awesome, right? But would all of that unchecked liberalism result in a Star Trek: the next generation style utopian society, or would people soon be marrying cats and walking around naked in Whole Foods with no one to stop them because a)it’s … Continue reading Liberals and conservatives: why we need both