Soundtrack to the Apocalypse

Ever since the pandemic began, I’ve been compiling an extreme metal Spotify playlist comprised of songs about disease, plagues, mass death, etc. Thrash, death, black, grind, doom—all of these sub-genres are represented. Instead of worrying about all the shit going on now, sometimes I just have to stop giving a fuck and joyfully bang my head to the sickness and brutality of life. Continue reading Soundtrack to the Apocalypse

Birds of a feather

Last night, in a grocery store parking lot, I saw several small birds fighting over the discarded remnants of someone’s Subway sandwich. There appeared to be plenty for everyone, until a big black crow swooped down, puffed out its chest and strutted around the coveted culinary treasure, intimidating the smaller birds. He then snatched up the the biggest piece in his beak and took off … Continue reading Birds of a feather