Darth Vader from the Planet Vulcan’s brain-melting guitar solo

In Back to the Future, Marty Mcfly terrorizes his dad with a tape of Eddie Van Halen making a bunch of crazy noise. The piece was taken from the score of a 1984 film called “The Wild Life,” which featured a score composed and performed by Eddie. It’s interesting to note that Both Lea Thompson and Eric Stoltz were later cast in BTTF, the latter … Continue reading Darth Vader from the Planet Vulcan’s brain-melting guitar solo

Robot ramblings

If there’s one thing the vast majority of metalheads share a common distrust for, besides authority, it’s technology. Warnings against human integration with machines are so common in metal that I often don’t notice them. This morning, though, while listening to Black Sabbath’s Computer God, from their 1992 masterpiece Dehumanizer, the lyrics were so relevant to what’s going on now that I was taken aback. … Continue reading Robot ramblings

The rediscovery of fire

For a couple of years now, I’ve been fascinated by the phenomenon of black people, usually teens or young adults, filming themselves reacting to old rock, country, rap, metal, R&B songs. I’ve particularly enjoyed Lost In Vegas, probably because they’re adults and closer to my own age, so I can relate better. But seeing teenagers react is even more powerful. The general public has taken … Continue reading The rediscovery of fire

Five albums that shaped my musical tastes

1. Queensrÿche: Rage For Order (1986) In 1990, Queensrÿche was riding high on a wave of popularity driven by their most commercially successful album to date, “Empire.” The hauntingly beautiful lead single, “Silent Lucidity,” and its FM radio omnipresence helped launch the album and its followup singles into the stratosphere, in much the same way the “Black Album” had recently made Metallica a household name. … Continue reading Five albums that shaped my musical tastes