Fantastic Planet(1973)

H.R. Geiger’s design work for Alien aside, there is no film that better conveys a sense of the otherworldly than 1973’s French animated classic La Planete Sauvage, or, as it was released in America, Fantastic Planet. It’s about a strange world populated by blue-skinned creatures who view humans, or “Oms,” as pets at best, and a pestilence at worst. When I say “strange world,” I … Continue reading Fantastic Planet(1973)

Disaster Double Feature

This morning I finally watched a movie I’ve had in my Amazon Prime queue forever: The Cassandra Crossing. I love a good ’70s all-star disaster movie, and this was a solid entry in said genre. In a nutshell, it’s about a virus loosed on a train, and the government’s unethical attempts to contain it. Amazing cinematography, and it stars Sophia Loren, Ernest Borgnine, OJ Simpson, … Continue reading Disaster Double Feature

Darth Vader from the Planet Vulcan’s brain-melting guitar solo

In Back to the Future, Marty Mcfly terrorizes his dad with a tape of Eddie Van Halen making a bunch of crazy noise. The piece was taken from the score of a 1984 film called “The Wild Life,” which featured a score composed and performed by Eddie. It’s interesting to note that Both Lea Thompson and Eric Stoltz were later cast in BTTF, the latter … Continue reading Darth Vader from the Planet Vulcan’s brain-melting guitar solo

Latest classic films viewed

A few days ago I posted about some classic films my wife and I had recently watched. Well, we’ve watched more, and here’s my impressions: 99 River Street (1953) This is an absolutely gorgeous gem of a film. An ex-boxer turned cab driver is framed for his unfaithful wife’s murder and races against time to find the real killer before the cops catch up with … Continue reading Latest classic films viewed

How dare you not like the thing I like? 🙁🤯😮😵🤬

Remember when people lost their minds because Martin Scorsese said that Marvel movies weren’t for him and that they weren’t “cinema?” Scorsese wrote a very thoughtful reply to this backlash, further clarifying his position. In it acknowledged the artistry and talent of the people making these movies, which is commendable. It’s good that he said did that, because those people deserve those accolades. Overall, though, … Continue reading How dare you not like the thing I like? 🙁🤯😮😵🤬

My escape, your escape

Effugium, which is Latin for “escape,” was the name of a space vessel constructed in the early years of the twenty-first century by eccentric tech mogul and cult leader Richard “The Prophet” Kryuss, founder of Krytech Industries. After a mysterious force announced its intent to remove all human life from Earth within ten years’ time, Kryuss funded the Effugium project with his own money, for … Continue reading My escape, your escape

The summer of 1989

After binge-watching Cobra Kai, I found myself in the mood to watch the original Karate Kid film. I scratched that itch, and wasn’t disappointed. I mean, it’s a classic for a reason. Everyone loves a good underdog story. The film more than holds up. Anyway, being a nostalgic person, I found myself taking a stroll down movie memory lane, which led me to the summer … Continue reading The summer of 1989