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Groundswell began as a short story and grew into a novella. I suppose it even qualifies as a novel, but that’s neither here nor there. I cranked this baby out over the summer, posting each chapter online as I finished it. I “pantsed” it, as they say. Freestyled it. It’s a suspenseful, lightning-paced thriller, but it’s also a real slow-burner. How’s that possible? Read it … Continue reading Groundswell

Groundswell: What it is

I’ve been hammering out a short novel called Groundswell and posting the first drafts of each chapter here. Chapters 1-26 are all available to read. What’s it about? Well, the idea was sparked by a recent film noire binge coupled with an X-Files kick I’ve been on lately. Then I started thinking about how many ghost towns there are in Oklahoma, and incorporated the very … Continue reading Groundswell: What it is