Harm’s Way: Available Now

In 1978, the U.S. Federal Government facilitated the buyout of a dusty old Oklahoma town called Groundswell by Prismaro Industries. Most of Groundswell’s dwindling population readily accepted the generous offers made on their homes and moved to nearby Axton, leaving all of their sordid secrets buried in a town that time forgot. Someone’s been digging them up. Read now for only 99 cents, or for … Continue reading Harm’s Way: Available Now

Harm’s Way: dropping soon on Kindle Vella

When I first heard about Kindle Vella, Amazon’s new serialized fiction platform, I hit the ground running—It’s my kind of shit, honestly. Bite-sized pieces of fiction for people with short attention spans. I wrote Harm’s Way about a year ago, and while it was written as a novel, it was designed to be serialized, should the opportunity ever present itself. Well, here’s the opportunity, so … Continue reading Harm’s Way: dropping soon on Kindle Vella