Birds of a feather

Last night, in a grocery store parking lot, I saw several small birds fighting over the discarded remnants of someone’s Subway sandwich. There appeared to be plenty for everyone, until a big black crow swooped down, puffed out its chest and strutted around the coveted culinary treasure, intimidating the smaller birds. He then snatched up the the biggest piece in his beak and took off … Continue reading Birds of a feather

Community Spread

Henry Clark liked reading the announcements to the congregation every Sunday morning. It almost made him feel like a reporter, keeping folks informed of all the goings on in Rusty Creek. Not that much of anything ever happened in Rusty Creek, but when it did, he made sure everyone knew about it. Henry was also the coordinator of the visitation committee, and as such it was his … Continue reading Community Spread

State of Oklahoma to its citizens: “We don’t care about you.”

Pictured left to right: Jim Inhofe, James Lankford, Kevin Stitt I hear all this high-minded feelgood talk coming out of some of our politician’s mouths about all the things they’re supposedly doing for us. How they’re looking out for small business owners and “essential workers” promising to “keep everyone safe.” Cut the shit, alright? You talk the talk and institute a lot of symbolic gestures … Continue reading State of Oklahoma to its citizens: “We don’t care about you.”


What a clusterfuck this whole pandemic response has turned into. From the getgo, we’ve been fed a lot of contradictory info and advice, and that’s because the people in charge don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about, either. No one knows anything, really. We weren’t prepared for this. We crashed the country and took away people’s ability to earn a living without giving them … Continue reading PanDUMBic