So much has already been written on the theory of the human brain being hardwired for belief in the supernatural that this post will be far better served by linking to more in-depth expert dissertations and articles on the matter instead of attempting to explore it myself. Long story short, it’s been posited that people are instinctively geared towards worshipping a higher power. Some religious … Continue reading Hardwired

Conform or be cast out

When someone talks about “educating” people, what they often really mean is “convincing them to adopt my views as their own and further propagate them.” A highly effective means of forcing someone’s hand in order to achieve this is to silence all dissenting voices. Those who will not be silent are either demonized or viewed as crazy because of their failure to conform and subsequently … Continue reading Conform or be cast out

Science Fiction snob culture

Some people, like myself, enjoy science fiction for its forward-thinking spirit of imagination, adventure and excitement, as well as its potential for examining human nature from a perspective other genres can’t. I also love the escapism of it–you know, fun. We used to be allowed to have that. For some insufferable people, it’s a chance to smugly rattle off random tidbits of knowledge gleaned from … Continue reading Science Fiction snob culture

Why do we gravitate towards things that are bad for us?

I sometimes have a hard time sitting back and being entertained by a book, movie or TV show. All I can think about the entire time is writing and creating. Even when I’m halfway paying attention, I’m still pausing to do random nonsense like this: However, I recognize the necessity of refueling one’s creative tank, and in that spirit I’ve been re-reading The Chronicles of … Continue reading Why do we gravitate towards things that are bad for us?

I was in a cult.

When I was 21, I took a year off college to join up with a missionary program I’d heard about through church. I thought it seemed fun–a year of classes, and a year in the field, assisting established ministries. Figured I’d use it as an opportunity to see the world. Long story short, I get there and it’s textbook fundamentalist brainwashing. The people running the … Continue reading I was in a cult.

A lesson in empathy Vol. 5

Imagine you came to America and jumped through all the requisite hoops you have to jump through to attain US citizenship. You even speak English, but you still speak with your family and friends in your common native language. You worked damn hard to get where you are, and you bust your ass every day to feed your family. Now, imagine a cranky old white … Continue reading A lesson in empathy Vol. 5

A lesson in empathy Vol. 4

Imagine that you’re dirt poor. You don’t have shit. You feel downtrodden and disenfranchised. Nobody is speaking for you. Everyone’s out to get you. And yet they tell you that you’re “privileged” because you’re white. Nobody tells you what that phrase actually means, so you take it at face value because the only explanation you get is screeched insults from androgynous weirdos with blue hair … Continue reading A lesson in empathy Vol. 4