The Act of Laughing Evan Barnes and his wife Audrey have just moved into their dream home, located in the exclusive gated community of Blackwell Estates. As they begin to delve deeper into the lives of their strange and somewhat eccentric neighbors, however, dark secrets are uncovered that will quickly transform their dream into an unimaginable nightmare. Grave Concerns Vampire astronauts. A court-imposed speech regulation … Continue reading TWO FREE BOOKS, TODAY ONLY

EFFUGIUM now available for purchase

Eccentric tech mogul and cult leader Richard Kryuss has developed a system of storing and transmitting data organically, connected by trees containing within their DNA the entirety of recorded human knowledge. Could his Terrestrially Regenerative Enhanced Extranet, or T.R.E.E., be a boon to mankind, or will it spell doom for the human race? Spanning over 200,000 years of post-Earth human history, Effugium repeatedly defies the … Continue reading EFFUGIUM now available for purchase

My escape, your escape

Effugium, which is Latin for “escape,” was the name of a space vessel constructed in the early years of the twenty-first century by eccentric tech mogul and cult leader Richard “The Prophet” Kryuss, founder of Krytech Industries. After a mysterious force announced its intent to remove all human life from Earth within ten years’ time, Kryuss funded the Effugium project with his own money, for … Continue reading My escape, your escape

A rant

I came across a news story about an elderly man who killed his wife and himself because they could no longer afford to pay the medical bills from treatment they required to survive comfortably. The article was full of the usual platitudes about suicide and “seeking help.” Yeah, that’s great. How could this have been avoided? Additional medical bills, of course! Great solution, Sheriff! He … Continue reading A rant

How to start your own cult and successfully maintain it

Cults are an endless source of fascination to myself and many others. I used to find it baffling that seemingly otherwise sane, intelligent people could buy into the flimsily-constructed dogma that the founders of these organizations base their ideologies upon. I don’t wonder anymore. I get it. My confusion about the issue as a child was based primarily upon the assumption that grownups were generally … Continue reading How to start your own cult and successfully maintain it

Writing for fun

There are a lot of “frustrated author” memes and jokes floating around the Internet. “Coffee! Deadlines! Rewrites! No sleep! Ahhhh!” Ask yourself this question: Do you actually enjoy writing? Is there any part of the process that doesn’t turn you into a “Cathy” cartoon? Yeah, it can be a little frustrating at times, but are you getting any joy out of it? I should have … Continue reading Writing for fun

Were they always evil?

I watch a lot of documentaries, and I take them, as I do everything presented as “fact” with a grain of salt. I thoroughly cross-check things before committing them to belief. Failing that, it goes in the “might be true” until I know for sure. “Facts” standing on my front porch trying to sell themselves door-to-door get the “What do you want” shotgun-in-the-face greeting, from … Continue reading Were they always evil?