A lesson in empathy, Vol. 2

Imagine everyone assumes you have a tiny dick and that you eat dogs or try to secretly serve people dogs disguised as beef. Imagine that people still think it’s ok to squint their eyes, stick out their teeth and go “Ching chong ching chang” or some shit like that. Imagine that this happens all the time. Imagine that you say “Hey, that’s not cool” and … Continue reading A lesson in empathy, Vol. 2

A lesson in empathy, Vol. 1

Imagine yourself on foot, crossing an intersection. You see people tensing up inside of their cars, consciously avoiding eye contact with you as they discreetly lock their doors. They don’t know you, but they’re afraid of you. Now imagine, if you will, entering a convenience store. As soon as the door chime announces your arrival, all eyes are on you. Management assumes you’re there to … Continue reading A lesson in empathy, Vol. 1

It took all of five minutes…

Every once in awhile I’ll check out one of the thousands of outrageously stupid right-wing links that are shared and believed without question by friends or family daily on social media. It should be funny, but it isn’t. It’s batshit insane, is what it is. And sad, and frustrating. People are so entrenched in this brainwashed mindset that they’ll believe anything that confirms their own … Continue reading It took all of five minutes…

My racist aunt

My mom’s older sister was a wonderful, kind woman who loved to laugh and always found joy in “the little things” as she liked to say, amidst the constant, debilitating pain she suffered at the hands of an insidiously severe form of rheumatoid arthritis for decades. In 1993, when I was sixteen, I travelled from Oklahoma to my hometown in Michigan to stay with my … Continue reading My racist aunt

There’s nothing wrong with Kanye West’s Trump love

Let me get this out of the way now: I’m not a fan of Donald Trump’s. I didn’t like him before he ran for office and I didn’t vote for him… Kanye West is his own man, though. If he wants to praise Donald Trump, that doesn’t mean he’s going insane or having a mental breakdown. What he is having is an opinion. Everyone’s entitled … Continue reading There’s nothing wrong with Kanye West’s Trump love