Where are they now? ‘90s edition

The ‘90s were a pivotal period in American History, and some of the biggest movers and shakers of the era have since faded from public consciousness. Sometimes, though, ya have to wonder: Where are they now? Jeffrey Dahmer Former serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was released on good behavior in 2014, after promising the parole board he wouldn’t kill and eat anyone. His successful cooking/reality show … Continue reading Where are they now? ‘90s edition

Five great hip hop songs from 1989

Ice-T has become a household name as an actor, but in the late ’80s and early ’90s, he was widely considered one of the most dangerous people on that planet, at least in circles of uptight white people and by Oprah. Thing is–and I understood this as a thirteen year-old, so I don’t know what that sad about adults–these songs were ALL cautionary tales. Nowhere … Continue reading Five great hip hop songs from 1989

Fish in a barrel

I’m not one to keep up with current pop culture events but I’m thoroughly enjoying Eminem’s roasting of rappers he views as mediocre or just plain terrible. This current crop of smelly-looking  brain dead auto-tuned mumblers look like lunch to a lion like eminem awakening from a deep slumber to find a bunch of sickly hyenas stumbling around his territory and pissing on the genre … Continue reading Fish in a barrel