So much has already been written on the theory of the human brain being hardwired for belief in the supernatural that this post will be far better served by linking to more in-depth expert dissertations and articles on the matter instead of attempting to explore it myself. Long story short, it’s been posited that people are instinctively geared towards worshipping a higher power. Some religious … Continue reading Hardwired

E-books: the safest way to read right now

You can’t go into your favorite bookstore right now while we’re teetering on the edge of a never-ending dystopian nightmare, but you want something new to read. Well, I’ll tell you what the heck to do, you silly goose! Just click on any of the following links and grab one of these bad boys to cram into whatever device you stare at all day. Happy … Continue reading E-books: the safest way to read right now

Moon Garden: out now

I’ve just released a collection of some of my more fanciful/fantasy/scifi-lite short stories, all of which have previously appeared on this blog and elsewhere. I call it Moon Garden. Included are the following: The Scoop Childish Things Delicacies Death Mines of Mars Father Knows… Other Further Adventures And several more. Those of you who have already read these stories, stay tuned for a free day, … Continue reading Moon Garden: out now

Punk rock chapters

When it comes to reading novels, or any books containing chapters, I prefer that those chapters be short. I’ve quit reading books because the chapters were long on words, but low on substance. Give me those punk chapters. I almost want to hear the writer shouting “1 2 3 4!” like Tommy Ramone at the beginning of each one. Concise and concentrated bursts that say … Continue reading Punk rock chapters