The Orb of Science burned bright that morning, its image on the screen before me bathing the rounded white walls of my pod in a warm crimson glow. “New variant discovered,” chirped the excruciatingly perky female voice of INFO into my neuropiece. “All outerverse activities have been postponed until further notice. OLM drones will strictly enforce lockdown protocol until a booster is developed and distributed. … Continue reading TIMES TO COME

EFFUGIUM Explained

“What do you write?” “I’m currently working on a sci-fi series.” “Cool, what’s it about?” “Uhhhhh…” I never know how to answer that question without launching into a lengthy, spoiler-filled summary of the books. I want to stop doing that, but I don’t know how. Here then, is my attempt at an abbreviated explanation: Ever look at an old tree and think about history unfolding … Continue reading EFFUGIUM Explained

Effugium IV: Exordium

I’m no longer calling the first three Effugium books a “trilogy.” I have altered the covers to reflect this. Exordium will be book 4 in the series. What’s it about? Well, in a nutshell, it takes place on the Galenian Colony world of Baltu, a tropical paradise inhabited by religious fanatics. The Exordium, AKA the Children of Pangu, AKA the next step in human evolution, are reviled … Continue reading Effugium IV: Exordium

Still “f*cking love science?”

Decades ago I read about the Carrington Event, a solar storm that decimated telegraph systems in 1859. What if that happened today? I wondered. Nobody seemed to be talking about it. Yesterday, I started thinking about it out of the blue and Googled it because I experienced a sudden “bad feeling” about it. Turns out, people besides scientists are talking about it. It’s been picked … Continue reading Still “f*cking love science?”


I’m eighteen chapters deep into book IV of the Effugium series. It’s called Exordium. It takes place several hundred years after the events of Exitium, the third book of the Kryuss Trilogy, and the third book of the Effugium series as a whole. Exordium is set on the Galenian colony world of Baltu, which is occupied entirely by fanatical religious extremists. Followers of the Consilium, … Continue reading Exordium

Exitium has arrived.

I’ve been into science fiction since I was a kid, but more often than not I find myself wishing it was a little less stuffy and pretentious, and a little more human and real. I’m far less interested in the nuts and bolts of sci-fi than I am the idea of everyday people reacting to and adapting to extraordinary circumstances. Douglas Adams made science fiction … Continue reading Exitium has arrived.