Relating to characters?

Occasionally, someone who has read my book The Act of Laughing will track me down on Facebook and tell me how much they related to one of the characters. It’s never the two with redeeming qualities, either. It’s always Evan. Evan is a snarky, lazy comic book artist with a massive ego and a strong sense of entitlement. He’s an atheist, and is an asshole … Continue reading Relating to characters?

Coals of fire

Conservatism is a cult. Liberalism is a cult. Life is not black and white. When you ignore obvious facts in favor of comforting lies that become endlessly parroted rhetoric without thought, you are in a cult. When you cut off family because they voted for someone you don’t like, that’s cult shit–you’re eliminating all input that doesn’t reinforce your narrative. That’s what cults tell their … Continue reading Coals of fire

Which quote is correct?

A) “The pen is mightier than the sword.” B) “Talk mins action equals zero.” My answer is A. Action on the part of the speaker is not required in order to effect change. Talk is everything. Words are everything. Words can alter the beliefs and of the masses, which translates to action. Words are the impetus behind all action, in fact. Words can either instill … Continue reading Which quote is correct?