Can’t argue the facts

If I say that something sucks, that leaves the subject open to debate. If I instead say I don’t like that thing, I’ve stated a fact, and it cannot be disputed. My personal preferences cannot be challenged by anyone else. My reasons can, but I’m not obligated to provide any. Conversation over, no more questions. OPINION: Most cops are assholes. FACT: I tend to strongly … Continue reading Can’t argue the facts

A lesson in empathy, Vol. 1

Imagine yourself on foot, crossing an intersection. You see people tensing up inside of their cars, consciously avoiding eye contact with you as they discreetly lock their doors. They don’t know you, but they’re afraid of you. Now imagine, if you will, entering a convenience store. As soon as the door chime announces your arrival, all eyes are on you. Management assumes you’re there to … Continue reading A lesson in empathy, Vol. 1

Men don’t compliment each other enough.

Today at the grocery store an old man wearing a veteran hat(didn’t catch which war)told me “nice beard.” I didn’t understand him at first, I thought he’d said something about beer. “What?” “Nice beard, he said, stroking his own gray, distinguished facial mane. “Thank you,” I said, finding myself breaking into an involuntary grin. He smiled and nodded and walked away. And it didn’t strike … Continue reading Men don’t compliment each other enough.