Hands of the Creators

This is a sequel to “With New Eyes.” It takes place many, many years after the events depicted in that story. “You think yourselves dwellers in paradise; I say you are denizens of hell!” Galen the sixteenth rapped his knuckles against the rusted, gutted, half-buried hull of the metallic behemoth that had transported their ancestors to the blasphemous planet upon which they were doomed to … Continue reading Hands of the Creators

With New Eyes

Yet another unearthed bit of writing from yours truly. I’d forgotten this even existed. With New Eyes By Patrick Walts “Quit sulking. You already knew what they’d say. Feeling sorry for yourself isn’t going to change their minds.” Galen the Sixth sighed and lowered his head even further between his knees. He remained in that position, silent, for several long moments before sitting up and … Continue reading With New Eyes