What should Captain Kirk do on his vacation?

Kirk looked up from his desk and saw Doctor McCoy standing in the doorway to his quarters carrying a bottle of Saurian brandy and two glasses. “Little early, isn’t it, Bones? “The hell it is,” grumbled McCoy, setting the glasses down on the desk. “Not after everything you’ve been through.” He popped the cork off the bottle of brandy and poured. “This is medicinal.” “For … Continue reading What should Captain Kirk do on his vacation?

Coals of fire

Conservatism is a cult. Liberalism is a cult. Life is not black and white. When you ignore obvious facts in favor of comforting lies that become endlessly parroted rhetoric without thought, you are in a cult. When you cut off family because they voted for someone you don’t like, that’s cult shit–you’re eliminating all input that doesn’t reinforce your narrative. That’s what cults tell their … Continue reading Coals of fire

Science Fiction snob culture

Some people, like myself, enjoy science fiction for its forward-thinking spirit of imagination, adventure and excitement, as well as its potential for examining human nature from a perspective other genres can’t. I also love the escapism of it–you know, fun. We used to be allowed to have that. For some insufferable people, it’s a chance to smugly rattle off random tidbits of knowledge gleaned from … Continue reading Science Fiction snob culture


What a clusterfuck this whole pandemic response has turned into. From the getgo, we’ve been fed a lot of contradictory info and advice, and that’s because the people in charge don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about, either. No one knows anything, really. We weren’t prepared for this. We crashed the country and took away people’s ability to earn a living without giving them … Continue reading PanDUMBic