Down the knock-off app rabbit hole

So I went down a rabbit hole of knockoff apps on the iPhone store. You’ve got to see these. The mafia just lets anybody in now, I guess. Frogs, orange apes, etc. Star Wars, that’s to be expected. Lol. So blatant, though. Got the speeder bike chase and everything. PICTURED: (NOT) Han Solo Star Trek? Meh, I don’t see the resemblance. Now, Transformers is where … Continue reading Down the knock-off app rabbit hole

Effugium: Beginnings

I’ve just moved into a new house. I spent fourteen hours yesterday hauling the rest of my stuff from the old house, and in the back of my closet I discovered a six-page brainstorming session from my, eh… younger days that eventually became the short story With New Eyes. Years later, I discovered that said short story and my epistolary “Time Remaining” blog went together … Continue reading Effugium: Beginnings

The future I still dream

When I was in fourth grade, way back in 1987, My family and I took a trip to Florida. While there, we visited Kennedy Space Center. We always stopped and checked out sites of historical significance while traveling, and I was absolutely thrilled to finally be visiting this one, which I’d read so much about. I was really into space. Most likely this was sparked … Continue reading The future I still dream