Science Fiction snob culture

Some people, like myself, enjoy science fiction for its forward-thinking spirit of imagination, adventure and excitement, as well as its potential for examining human nature from a perspective other genres can’t. I also love the escapism of it–you know, fun. We used to be allowed to have that. For some insufferable people, it’s a chance to smugly rattle off random tidbits of knowledge gleaned from … Continue reading Science Fiction snob culture


What a clusterfuck this whole pandemic response has turned into. From the getgo, we’ve been fed a lot of contradictory info and advice, and that’s because the people in charge don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about, either. No one knows anything, really. We weren’t prepared for this. We crashed the country and took away people’s ability to earn a living without giving them … Continue reading PanDUMBic

Our enemy within

In the Star Trek episode The Enemy Within, a transporter accident splits Captain Kirk into two Captain kirks, each representing half of his personality. “Good” Kirk is too docile and timid to make decisions. He lacks confidence and the ability to assert himself. He has no teeth, so to speak. “Bad” Kirk, on the other hand, storms into McCoy’s office demanding liquor and proceeds to … Continue reading Our enemy within

Here’s some more Star Trek memes

From my page Trekker Things I posted a meme featuring Kirk and Spock in their Nazi uniforms from “Patterns of Force.” They were standing in front of an Applebee’s and saying something about how they hoped they’d gotten the clothes right for the time period. Anyway, Facebook identified it as Nazi propaganda and deleted it, so I posted this: And here’s the rest of the … Continue reading Here’s some more Star Trek memes