Down the knock-off app rabbit hole

So I went down a rabbit hole of knockoff apps on the iPhone store. You’ve got to see these. The mafia just lets anybody in now, I guess. Frogs, orange apes, etc. Star Wars, that’s to be expected. Lol. So blatant, though. Got the speeder bike chase and everything. PICTURED: (NOT) Han Solo Star Trek? Meh, I don’t see the resemblance. Now, Transformers is where … Continue reading Down the knock-off app rabbit hole

Gustav Holst: the Grandfather of Heavy Metal and Star Wars

I’ve been a fan of both classical music and metal for most of my life. One of my favorite pieces is Gustav Holst’s The Planets, a seven-movement suite written between 1914 and 1916. The brilliant-in-itself score for 1977’s Star Wars was, at George Lucas’s request, practically an homage to it. Its first movement, Mars, Bringer of War also inspired the main riff for Black Sabbath’s … Continue reading Gustav Holst: the Grandfather of Heavy Metal and Star Wars

Effugium: Beginnings

I’ve just moved into a new house. I spent fourteen hours yesterday hauling the rest of my stuff from the old house, and in the back of my closet I discovered a six-page brainstorming session from my, eh… younger days that eventually became the short story With New Eyes. Years later, I discovered that said short story and my epistolary “Time Remaining” blog went together … Continue reading Effugium: Beginnings

Pay up, Disney !

I’ve recently been made aware that Disney is not paying Alan Dean Foster royalties for the still-in-print Star Wars novels he wrote prior to said company’s purchase of said franchise. You can read all about it right here. If you purport to be a “big fan” of Star Wars and don’t know who ADF is, stop embarrassing yourself and go familiarize yourself with his work. … Continue reading Pay up, Disney !


It’s not as easy to hate someone when you realize that the object of your derision isn’t a one-note caricature, but a complex, multi-faceted human being just like you. That’s all I was trying to say with yesterday’s posts about empathy. That’s why propaganda during times of war sets out to dehumanize the enemy. It’s harder to pull the trigger when your target is a … Continue reading Smallitics